What Is LTECC?

We are a psychosocial rehabilitation program for adults in the Sandhills area. Psychosocial rehabilitation services are designed to help adults increase their functioning so that they can be successful and satisfied in the environment of their choice with the least professional intervention. This is a rehabilitative service for adults that provides assistance in gaining coping and resolution skills, promotes independent living, and partners in achieving recovery goals. Services provide therapeutic treatment and restorative intervention for interpersonal development.

At Let’s Talk Educational Center Company, you can find skilled, experienced professionals who have helped clients just like you build richer, more rewarding lives. All of our staff are qualified to work in a psychosocial rehabilitation center and hold all the necessary training for such employment.

Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, our staff will help you identify limiting beliefs and outmoded coping mechanisms that may be standing in your way. Many clients report rapid progress due to the effective approaches we employ. Do you still need to know more information in order to understand what LTECC is? If so, please contact us and talk with one of our wonderful staff members!